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Your prioritised program will include:

Your personal brand

Your personal brand is the unique combination of your presence, identity and reputation – in person, on paper and online.   This session focuses on identifying what is distinctive about you and how to express it to your best advantage.

Verbal presence

Your verbal presence is created by both the substance and the packaging of your message. How well do you organise and articulate your thoughts? How are you using the tone, pitch, and speed of your voice? We will concentrate on the devices you can use to create a polished verbal presence.

Nonverbal communication

Your nonverbal communication includes gestures, facial expression, posture and stance. Nonverbal communication can convey any number of messages, including approachability, authority, confidence – or otherwise.  You will discover how to monitor and fine tune your nonverbal communication whether you are commanding from the podium, conducting a meeting or simply entering a room.

Networking and social skills

Networking effectively is a non-negotiable requirement for a contemporary leader. Being comfortable while you network, is entirely optional. This is about developing the mindset and skillset to do it as your authentic self.

The stakeholder lunch

A successful business lunch requires your confidence and familiarity with contemporary manners. This session focuses on what you need to know and do in relation to dining and entertaining etiquette.

Colour for business and beyond

Identify the colours you can’t do without: investment pieces, supporting pieces and accessories. Discover your signature colours and how to use colour to convey credibility and look vibrant and healthy.

Personal style analysis

Look as physically appealing as possible with styles, fabrics, designs and accessories to suit your specific proportions and body type. Command attention by expressing your personality through your dress.

Wardrobe Audit

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Shopping with an expert

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Your consulting package will be prioritised to suit your specific requirements.