Corporate Programs including Individual Consultations, Group Sessions, Breakout Workshops, Conference Delegate/Partner programs

Do you want the people in your organisation to convey a consistently positive message and differentiate themselves from competitors?
Do you have key personnel who need to develop a credible presence?
Specialists who have reached a point where technical excellence is not enough?
Staff including sales teams who need to improve their packaging and interpersonal dealings?

In a highly visual marketplace, the consistent and well-targeted image of your people will help you to create a robust corporate brand, engage your customers, and attract and retain quality employees and partners.

We customise our programs to suit your needs, whether you require:

  • In-house training
  • A conference presentation
  • Individual consulting
  • Executive coaching
  • An induction program
  • Partnering arrangement

In-house training

All programs are customized to meet your specific outcomes.
We want to know how to maximize the service we provide and would like to ensure it is aligned with your people development strategy.

Delivery is flexible and includes:

  • Full and half-day workshops
  • Lunch and learn style sessions
  • Courses of recurring workshops

Training topics include:

  • Visual Presence – Professional Image—Dress and Grooming.
  • Business Casual and Informal Business Dress
  • Business Etiquette *
  • Building your business networks *
  • Business entertaining *
  • Verbal Presence including the Think on Your Feet® program *
  • Command the Stage (or meeting) *
  • Building Business Credibility *

Please also refer to the topics for our interactive talks.

* Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer courses are available for the courses marked with an asterisk*.

They include comprehensive instruction and supply of course materials for your in-house facilitators.

Please contact us if you are interested in First Impressions Train the Trainer courses.

Conference presentations

Interactive talks:

  • Relax the dress, keep the power.
  • Business entertaining – meeting, greeting and eating
  • Networking – promote or perish
  • The seven deadly sins of business etiquette
  • How to kill your business cred (and resurrect it)

Live makeover events
We will orchestrate and deliver top to toe makeovers with your volunteers to demonstrate the impact of a professional image. Eye-opening, informative and fun.

Breakout facilitation
We are experienced in managing the breakout sessions of our own or other conference presentations.

Itineraries for spouses and partners of conference delegates
While the delegates attend the conference sessions we will ensure that their significant others are entertained e.g. shopping excursions, style activities.

Individual consulting

Please refer to Executive Styling options.

Executive coaching

We are happy to discuss potential solutions for highly confidential situations. Please also refer to Executive Styling options.

Induction programs

We will seamlessly integrate our sessions into your induction programs for new recruits including graduates, lateral hires and newly promoted employees.
We have extensive experience in providing all levels and styles of delivery for inductions.

Partnering with First Impressions

We are all about helping you deliver on your organisation’s goals. Would you benefit from having an existing program enhanced by our specific areas of expertise? Do you require something bigger, such as a major project partner – something we are well versed in supplying?
Please discuss this with us – at the very least our conversation will give you insights into what is possible.