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Personal Branding, Colour Consulting, Personal Styling, Wardrobe Consulting, Personal Shopping

Personal colour – allow  2-3 hours

What are the colours that really suit you? What is your signature colour?

Learn how to use colour to be visually appealing, build a fabulous work and casual wardrobe, and stand out from the crowd. Identify the colours you can’t do without: investment pieces, supporting pieces and accessories. Learn how to choose the right makeup for your colour palette. You’ll receive your own personal colour profile, a professional make up, and colour strategies for everything you wear and carry.

Personal style – allow 4 hours

What’s your style personality? Which clothing styles and accessories are best for your figure? What are the style ingredients to make you look your most attractive?  How can you look appropriate for every work and social occasion, and keep your individuality?

Discover how to use clothing styles and fabrics to address any figure challenges, choose jewellery that suits your face and your personality, and find the shoes that make the difference to an outfit – and a lot more. You’ll receive your own personal style profile, and style strategies to suit your lifestyle and personality. Learn how to look your best by choice and not chance!

Wardrobe audit – as required

Your style consultant will go through your wardrobe with you, identifying what to keep, what to lose and what to buy. This session will give you a plan for creating a wardrobe that matches your personal preferences and lifestyle. You will learn how to focus on the essential 20% that creates more than 80% of the impact. Save time and money by making sure that every item you possess gives you pleasure, value or both.

Minimum booking: 2 hours

Shopping with a stylist – as required

Enjoy the most fun and intelligent shopping trip ever. Shop for a special occasion, to build your look, or simply to fill the gaps – without demolishing your budget.

Minimum booking: 2 hours

Hair styling optional extra – as required

If you would like to have your FI consultant accompany you while you have your hair done, you have the option of adding this to any of the above consultations. Your FI consultant will brief a prestige salon and arrange a 50% discount for your first visit. At appropriate times while you are ‘in the chair’ your consultant will continue to consult with you e.g. share tips and walk you through current media and shopping sites.