Fashion styling Tips

Fashion Styling Tips For Working Mums

Working moms tend to put fashion on the back burner. Time to put on makeup may be replaced by time to feed the kids, and your outfit may be one of the first things you pull out of your closet. What if looking good as a working mom isn’t as difficult as you think? Learn the best fashion styling tips for working moms and update your style accordingly.

If you’re a working mother, comfort may be the magic word. We understand why people always prefer being comfortable over being fashionable when juggling family and work. We bring you must-have fashion styling tips for working moms that will help you look stylish both at home and out.

Build a Capsule Wardrobe

No matter how old you are, it’s important to keep your wardrobe organised and clean. One way he does this is by evaluating the clothes he owns and figuring out which clothes give him comfort and confidence and which ones he barely wears. Once you’ve identified these items, you can critically evaluate your collection, eliminate items that are no longer useful, and identify gaps in your wardrobe. This conscious approach to your wardrobe makes it easy to put together outfits that you love and feel confident in. You can also get help from a wardrobe stylist who can arrange your wardrobe and create a great look

MIX Comfort And Style

To save time and effort and keep up with the latest trends in women’s fashion, do not fall into the trap of convenience. Instead, choose clothing wisely to achieve both comfort and style. For example, leggings are a simple and comfortable option, but you can also try a tunic, complement it with a scarf, and complete the look with ballet flats. Remember that beauty should not be sacrificed for comfort.

Make-up for a Refreshing Look

As a working mother, you may not have time to do makeup because you have so many things to do before going to work. It is right to keep the look minimal. Apply a moisturiser to achieve a rosy, glowing look. A little eyeliner and mascara will brighten your eyes and give them a fresh look. Finally, apply lip gloss. Awaken your senses after a busy day with your favourite perfume. Carry these makeup essentials in your bag so you can apply your makeup in your car or office powder room, even when you don’t have time at home. Contact one of our experienced corporate stylists to suggest a fresh daily look and learn how to apply makeup to suit your look and style




You can create a unique look by combining your favourite stylish clothing items with the right accessories. An important accessory is a handbag that matches your outfit and is large enough for the mother to carry everything she needs.

Another great tip is to wear jewellery. However, be careful not to overdo anything. In general, it’s best to keep things simple and stylish. For example, to add a special touch to any outfit, you can consider purchasing high-quality beads that can be worn on any occasion. Just put them on and start your day with confidence. You can also consult a personal fashion stylist. Your stylist will recommend exactly the jewellery, clothing, and style that will best suit you and will match your outfit to the colour of your suit.

Invest in Versatile Basic Items

Essential basics should reflect a mom’s casual everyday life but can be easily elevated so they can be worn to work or a night out. Some of the key items I’m missing are high-quality T-shirts, simple straight pants, flowing skirts, and layering items like knitwear, blazers, jackets, and winter coats. Jeans are an essential part of a mother’s life. Choose high-waisted shoes to keep them from constantly slipping down and to minimise bulk in the midsection. 

Avoid Impulse Buys

Impulse buys often lead to buyer’s remorse. When tempted by a new piece of clothing, try this general rule: Take a break. Consider whether it will suit your style and needs. Does it fit your style and washing and wearing guidelines? Is it the hell you want? Try it on and does it feel great?

Final Thoughts

Busy mothers find it difficult to maintain their style because motherhood requires constant attention. What would a fashion-loving mom do in such a situation? The secret is to look relaxed yet amazingly attractive. Fashion is about expressing yourself and having confidence. With these tips, you can feel fit and stylish even when you’re short on time.