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But I’ve Got A Great Job, So Why Does It Matter How I Dress?

I hear this question asked from time to time from people who are either faced with the prospect of being overlooked for that important promotion, or side-stepped into a job that will never give them opportunities for promotion, or even ‘retrenched’ because their job no-longer exists.

Whatever it was that gave them rise to question why they were in limbo in their careers, they came to the conclusion they needed to change something. When people are discouraged with their career prospects, or frustration due to not being acknowledged or heard, will often engage me as their Personal Brand Consultant. After an honest appraisal, that same question is often asked… “But I had (or have) a great job, so why does it matter how I dress?”

So what they thought was going to be a Personal Brand session involving their LinkedIn profile, or how they communicate verbally etc – some of my clients discover that their session will be focussed on how they communicate visually.

Everyone experiences problems at work. There are deadlines, projects and people that need your attention. There’s the co-worker who you find gossiping about you; someone has taken your lunch from the office ‘fridge etc. With the demands that are put on you, how do you even give thought about how you dress from day to day, and does it even matter?

It’s a resounding “ YES” from me and my image consultant colleagues.

Your work wardrobe can be your best friend on a busy day – especially if you need to stand out, be heard and taken seriously. What you wear can give you confidence, a feeling of self-respect and sends a clear message to others that you can be counted on to get things done, you’re productive and pleasant to be around.

Just how can a well-constructed work wardrobe do all that?

By the language of fashion which includes colour, style, fit, scale, personality and the boost it gives to your confidence.

As Marilyn Monroe is rumored to have once said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

Your visual image is the first judgement people make when meeting you for the first time. That quickly follows with the sound of your voice. Then, and only then, do people actually start to listen to what you are saying. How many times have you, after being introduced to someone, forgotten their names within seconds? It’s the visual image that draws attention to you that encourages further communication in a social setting. But it can also open doors to you in your career when you dress appropriately for each and every business interaction e.g. Client meetings; Conferences; Trade Fairs; Friday after-work gatherings etc.

Consciously dressing for the day ahead which includes each situation, the people you will meet, and your own outcomes will reward in spades.

If you need advice, an image ‘checkup’, wardrobe audit or need to spruce up neglected wardrobe, contact us at First Impressions today.