There Are Colours For Everyone – Which Ones Suit You?

Ever wondered if a certain colour looked good on you? Loved the garment but not sure of the colour?

I was in a store shopping for a client and I noticed a woman and her teenage daughter shopping in the same store. The discussion they were having was about the colour of a particular new season sweater. The woman was undecided about whether to choose it in the Periwinkle Blue or the warm Coral.

The daughter wanted her to buy the Coral shade and mother was asking her was she sure. Enter selfinto the conversation uninvited. But this Colour Consultant couldnt let someone with a complexion that looked much better in the Periwinkle Blue buy the Coral version. I explained why the choice of the cool Periwinkle Blue worked better for her skin-tone, and demonstrated the change of her skin-tone colour with both sweaters. The mother was noticeably relieved to receive this advice, something she had never been shown before, and she opted for the Periwinkle version.

The daughter on the other hand, would look fabulous in the Coral shade. (Perhaps she wanted her mother to buy it so that she could borrow it? It happens :-)



If you want to know the exact shades of colour that will make you look youthful, healthy and glowing – a Personal Consultant is your answer.

In your two hour consultation you will:

  • Learn about the Basic ‘building block’ colours you need to use to build an effective wardrobe

  • Discover the fun colours to liven up your wardrobe while enhancing your complexion making your skin look fresh and glowing.

  • Receive a booklet of your best colours for business, wardrobe basics and the fun colours. A great reference tool to use every-time you go shopping

  • Learn about hair colour choices should you wish to add colour to your hair

  • Receive an audit of your own makeup. Discover what works, and what doesn’t. Plus advise about makeup colours you should buy next purchase.

  • Experience a quick wardrobe review of colours you already have in your wardrobe – discover those that work, and those that don’t.


Are you ready to engage a Personal Colour Consultant to save you time and ultimately money when you consistently make the right colour choices?


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