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Evelyn Lundström – Personal Stylist, Colour Consultant and Corporate Trainer in Sydney

I am Evelyn Lundström, a Personal Stylist, Colour Consultant and Corporate Trainer.

 I have had the immense pleasure of styling men and women for over 30 years. It’s been a wonderfully rewarding career because, I have witnessed amazing client transformations in both physical presence and, personal confidence after sharing with them the tried and true strategies dressing to look one’s best.

Many people have forgotten when they last felt really confident with the way they look. Changing body-shape, lifestyle, responsibilities, career roles, style preferences and a host of other things impact on what becomes appropriate dressing at various stages of one’s life.

This is why engaging the services of a professional Personal Stylist Sydney has great merit. It saves you second guessing what looks good on you; it focusses on the essential items required that will refresh a ‘tired’ looking wardrobe and you get value for money as your Personal Stylist knows exactly the stores that will work for you. These will be the stores that have more of the things you will like and wish to buy – they become your go-stores of choice in the future.

Once you become our client, you have access to the latest style advice and the opportunity to call your Personal Stylist Sydney – (even if in a boutique dressing room) to ask whether an item that appeals ticks all the boxes style-wise for you. There will always be times you will want to reach out to your Personal Stylist even just to confirm that you have made a great choice :-)

Make daily dressing easy and special occasion dressing stress free! Engage the services of your Personal Stylist Sydney and learn the strategies of the supremely well dressed.

Contact us today for a complimentary 15 min discovery call. We will call you at the first opportunity.

Warm regards

Evelyn Lundström

Personal Brand Strategies, Stylist, Wardrobe Management Consultant, Personal Shopper

Hiring A Personal Stylist

Top Tips to Think About When Hiring A Personal Stylist

Not everyone is blessed to have a great sense of fashion and style. Many people struggle to achieve their best look that could turn heads. Gladly, this is no longer a problem as you have the opportunity to hire a Personal Stylist in Sydney.

evelyn lundstrom

A personal stylist can redefine your look from head to toe. With personalized guidance and styling, they can truly make a positive impact on your personal and professional life. As a personal stylist myself, I know how important the work we do is.  For over 30+ years, I have had the pleasure of working with business men and women alike as well as with young adults starting out and, for at-home mums who want to feel confident with how they look especially if they need to attend business functions with their spouse.

But how does someone choose a stylist – where do you start?


Stylists provide a service that is personal and therefore it’s vital that you and your stylist must hit it off.  Many offer a complimentary 15 minute chat to get to know you, your needs and expectations.  So a conversation with a potential stylist is the first step.

You are looking for a professional who has the credibility, reputation,experience and qualifications to skillfully guide you in the right direction. When looking for the Best Personal Stylist in Sydney, there are questions you should ask that will help you decide the right stylist for you based on their responses. 

  • How long have they been working as a Personal Makeover specialist in Sydney?

If they are just stepping out after attending their first-time course, you might   want to keep searching.  I have been fully engaged in working full time in   this industry for over 30+ years, yet a stylist doesn’t  have to have all this   experience to be a great stylist as there are many workshops and seminars available that stylists can attend to up skill themselves.

  • What did they do prior before becoming a stylist and what motivated them to enter this field?

If they respond by saying they love fashion and shopping, well – this may not be enough to convince you yet. I love fashion and shopping too however, my motivation is the pure joy I get from seeing my client’s confidence grow when they discover their signature style, the apparel that best suits them and where to find those items.Most important when the visual message conveyed gets them noticed and through doors (if that’s what they want). A by-  product is also the confidence they get to go for whatever it is they desire to do.

  • What qualifications did they have to get before starting their career?

If they have decided to hang out their shingle as a stylist because they love clothes and they dress nicely, you may not get what you hope to from the experience. They might be able to dress themselves, but can they dress you? Can they decipher your style and find what works for you if you are not the same shape or size?

  • What sort of clients do they work with?

If you are running your own business and yet most of their clients have been school-age teens, their  experience may not be enough for your needs.

  • Do they have client testimonials you can view?

 It’s a good idea to ask for a brochure they can give you with testimonials. If they are on LinkedIn business platform, this would also be a great way to learn more about them.

  • Do they look credible? Are they walking the talk? 

 Is their own style appealing to you?  Your stylist must be able to select styles different from their own personal style preferences, especially if your style is different from theirs.  

  • What is Included in the service?

The services and packages offered will vary from stylist to stylist. Be sure to know what is included in the program you accept.  e.g.  travel costs, Style Guide, Colour Profile etc.  If the stylist would be coming from a distance, do they charge a travel fee?  If this adds a considerable cost on top, it may be prudent to find a stylist closer to you.

It’s Not About The Stylist, It’s About You!

You should be the focus in everything they plan to do for you. In their initial discussion with you, they need to elicit what prompted you to think about their services, what your  expectations are, your lifestyle and what clothing requirements you need (business, every-day, special occasion etc). They will decide on a plan of action and, what they suggest must resonate positively with you.

Your personalized consultation must be aligned to your needs:

No one size fits all. Your  personal stylist packages should be entirely personalized to suit you and your requirements. Each session should be customized with personal advice tips you need e.g. styling, wardrobe needs, colour selection etc. 

Trust your instinct, do you trust the stylist to be able to deliver what you want?  Do you feel their recommendations are tailored to help you attain your personal style goals?

If so, trust their advice to try new outfits and new brands because this gives you the opportunity to find out about extra styles that suit you which in turn adds new elements to your signature style. You and your stylist must be open, honest and  comfortable working together.

Professionalism and respected boundaries:

Just like a financial advisor, accountant or business consultant, your personal stylist must be completely professional in their dealings with you.  They need to listen to you, be respectful of your personal space and never apply pressure to have you buy something you are not sure of.

Be specific about what you want to achieve:

Before you hire Fashion Stylist in Sydney, think about what your end goals are.

  • Are you wishing to revamp your business&/or casual wardrobe?
  • Are you satisfied with the outfits you own and are they appropriate for your lifestyle?
  • Do you want to enhance the variety of outfits in your wardrobe?
  • Are you looking for Personal Stylist Packages for a family member or friend?

Your personal stylist session is an investment in you, and should be a wonderful experience. The above tips should help you in choosing a Personal Stylist that will be able to deliver a program that gives you everything you expect as well as everything you need.

I would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with you.

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