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Hiring A Personal Stylist

Make Your Wardrobe One That Inspires You With The Assistance Of A Wardrobe Consultant

Do you have a wardrobe of clothes but none of them seem to excite you? 

Is your wardrobe bursting with the same type of clothes?

Do you avoid shopping for clothes because it’s a task you despise?

Do you know where to shop for things that work for you? 


If you’re uninspired by what is hanging in your wardrobe, then it’s high time you seek professional advice.

Hire a Wardrobe Consultant Sydney to upgrade your style with an inspirational wardrobe makeover. 

You might ask – “How can a Professional Wardrobe Stylist Help Me?”


A wardrobe full of non-fitting, uninspiring, dated clothes is visual clutter. Plus, wearing anything that doesn’t give you joy can make you feel gloomy and invisible. This all changes when a wardrobe consultant steps in. 

A professional wardrobe consultant in Sydney will guide you to discover your unique style and show you the styles of clothing that work for your physical attributes. They will  even shop with you to ensure you find exactly what works for you.  First they edit your wardrobe to find any items you should keep, those you need to discard (I’m sure you already know these) and create a list of items that you need to buy to truly create a working wardrobe that you will love.

Depending on your body-shape, your style personality and budget, a wardrobe consultant ensures you end up with a wardrobe that is full of inspirational outfits. With their strategic approach to styling, you will perceive your body and your approach to clothing choices in a new improved way.

A wardrobe consultant will have you notice any habits you may have that won’t support how you wish to look and be perceived e.g. how you maintain your clothing and accessories etc.  You will learn clever ways to work your wardrobe by mixing and matching outfits to create even more looks – but with less clothes.  Wouldn’t you like to know how to pull together an ensemble you’ve created from items you already have that is that is a standout success?    

Professional wardrobe consultants don’t just randomly throw clothes on you. Instead, they consider your body basics, preferences, goals, needs, and feeling to curate a wardrobe that speaks “you”. They know where to find outfits that are tailored to fit you and your lifestyle. 

All-in-all, hiring a wardrobe consultant is a smart investment and you learn that shopping is no longer a chore or a bore – it’s fun!

By engaging a wardrobe consultant you will: 

  • always have the right outfits to wear to any event – whether business, or personal.  
  • never have to scramble at last minute for an outfit for those irregular events like weddings or any other important event. Stress gone!
  • enjoy the process of dressing on a daily basis. Everything you need at your fingertips to create outfits in the moment.
  • be given your own online ‘look-book’ of outfit ideas from the clothing you already have. Last minute choices already made for you – it doesn’t get better than that!
  • find you may have less clothes but more options – no ‘hidden’ gems not used; nothing that doesn’t inspire you; no nasty wire hangers that ruin your clothes – nothing but what works.

Ready to engage a wardrobe consultant to work through your wardrobe woes? 

Easy! Start with Personal Stylist Makeover services.


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