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Evelyn Lundström – Personal Stylist, Colour Consultant and Corporate Trainer in Sydney

I am Evelyn Lundström, a Personal Stylist, Colour Consultant and Corporate Trainer.

 I have had the immense pleasure of styling men and women for over 30 years. It’s been a wonderfully rewarding career because, I have witnessed amazing client transformations in both physical presence and, personal confidence after sharing with them the tried and true strategies dressing to look one’s best.

Many people have forgotten when they last felt really confident with the way they look. Changing body-shape, lifestyle, responsibilities, career roles, style preferences and a host of other things impact on what becomes appropriate dressing at various stages of one’s life.

This is why engaging the services of a professional Personal Stylist Sydney has great merit. It saves you second guessing what looks good on you; it focusses on the essential items required that will refresh a ‘tired’ looking wardrobe and you get value for money as your Personal Stylist knows exactly the stores that will work for you. These will be the stores that have more of the things you will like and wish to buy – they become your go-stores of choice in the future.

Once you become our client, you have access to the latest style advice and the opportunity to call your Personal Stylist Sydney – (even if in a boutique dressing room) to ask whether an item that appeals ticks all the boxes style-wise for you. There will always be times you will want to reach out to your Personal Stylist even just to confirm that you have made a great choice :-)

Make daily dressing easy and special occasion dressing stress free! Engage the services of your Personal Stylist Sydney and learn the strategies of the supremely well dressed.

Contact us today for a complimentary 15 min discovery call. We will call you at the first opportunity.

Warm regards

Evelyn Lundström

Personal Brand Strategies, Stylist, Wardrobe Management Consultant, Personal Shopper