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Fashion Styling Tips For Working Mums

Working moms tend to put fashion on the back burner. Time to put on makeup may be replaced by time to feed the kids, and your outfit may be one of the first things you pull out of your closet. What if looking good as a working mom isn’t as difficult as you think? Learn […]

Boosting Your Style Confidence: Tips from a Fashion Stylist

Fashion is not just about following the latest trends or wearing expensive designer clothes. It’s about feeling good about yourself and showing off your personality, taste, and style through the clothes you wear. But many people find it hard to feel confident about their fashion choices. If you’re not sure how to dress for your […]

Evelyn Lundström – Personal Stylist, Colour Consultant and Corporate Trainer in Sydney

I am Evelyn Lundström, a Personal Stylist, Colour Consultant and Corporate Trainer.  I have had the immense pleasure of styling men and women for over 30 years. It’s been a wonderfully rewarding career because, I have witnessed amazing client transformations in both physical presence and, personal confidence after sharing with them the tried and true […]

There Are Colours For Everyone – Which Ones Suit You?

Ever wondered if a certain colour looked good on you? Loved the garment but not sure of the colour? I was in a store shopping for a client and I noticed a woman and her teenage daughter shopping in the same store. The discussion they were having was about the colour of a particular new […]


The best thing about being independent is you can rely on yourself to get things done – which usually means you get more things done.  You have confidence in yourself – to make decisions and to confront situations that go against what you believe in. Independent people are not afraid to speak out if what […]

But I’ve Got A Great Job, So Why Does It Matter How I Dress?

I hear this question asked from time to time from people who are either faced with the prospect of being overlooked for that important promotion, or side-stepped into a job that will never give them opportunities for promotion, or even ‘retrenched’ because their job no-longer exists. Whatever it was that gave them rise to question […]

Top Tips to Think About When Hiring A Personal Stylist

Not everyone is blessed to have a great sense of fashion and style. Many people struggle to achieve their best look that could turn heads. Gladly, this is no longer a problem as you have the opportunity to hire a Personal Stylist in Sydney. A personal stylist can redefine your look from head to toe. […]