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There Are Colours For Everyone – Which Ones Suit You?

Ever wondered if a certain colour looked good on you? Loved the garment but not sure of the colour? I was in a store shopping for a client and I noticed a woman and her teenage daughter shopping in the same store. The discussion they were having was about the colour of a particular new […]


The best thing about being independent is you can rely on yourself to get things done – which usually means you get more things done.  You have confidence in yourself – to make decisions and to confront situations that go against what you believe in. Independent people are not afraid to speak out if what […]

But I’ve Got A Great Job, So Why Does It Matter How I Dress?

I hear this question asked from time to time from people who are either faced with the prospect of being overlooked for that important promotion, or side-stepped into a job that will never give them opportunities for promotion, or even ‘retrenched’ because their job no-longer exists. Whatever it was that gave them rise to question […]

Top Tips to Think About When Hiring A Personal Stylist

Not everyone is blessed to have a great sense of fashion and style. Many people struggle to achieve their best look that could turn heads. Gladly, this is no longer a problem as you have the opportunity to hire a Personal Stylist in Sydney. A personal stylist can redefine your look from head to toe. […]


We have often heard it said that we must love ourselves first before we can truly love others. I’m sure you’ve heard all the mantras about self-love. Not so easy when life hands us stuff we would prefer not to have – be that a shabby start in life; a less than perfect relationship;  a […]