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The secret to looking chic

The secret to looking chic

Let’s face it – dressing for the day is often the most heroic thing one does for that day.You’ve got to brave a wardrobe full of clothes on an empty stomach and once dressed and out the door, it’s too late to go fix an outfit malfunction.…
after makeover image

Visually Impress

Are you a presenter? Speaker? Speechmaker?You’re got the content? Check. Rehearsed the delivery? Check. But is your visual presentation supporting you? Whether you’re delivering a speech at a wedding or a keynote address at a company conference,…
french style

The Art Of French Dressing

No – this is not an article on how to make French dressing for salads.  Perhaps the title of this article should be “The Art Of Dressing – French-style”.  But all that aside, I whole-heartedly agree with the ten tips that were offered…

Your Personal Brand Is Showing – during every waking hour!

Whoa!  Does your personal brand need reassessment? Not getting the recognition or job advancement you think you deserve? Feel that opportunities are passing you by? Here’s the rub – don’t look ‘out there’ for the answers, although…
applying lipstick

How to apply lipstick to make it last

Second only to your eyes, your mouth is the central focus for communication.  Lipstick is all about directing attention to the face, and in business  – that’s where it should be.Make-up in the business world has only two purposes:  to…
in front of computer

Sabotaging Yourself? Email Blunders And What To Do About It!

It is amazing to find that some people have no idea as to how important their email communications are and what can be assumed about a person based on what they divulge in an email.  I advise companies to adopt an email policy that will give…

10 Cool Shopping Tips

Keep your objectives in mind to dodge the impulsive buys.Know what you already have, what you intend to get, and know the specifications. The specifications? you may ask. If you don’t know them, you need to see us. These involve knowing exactly…

Sound As Good As You Look!

The way you speak is just as important as the way you look! Itʼs as automatic as the way you dress, or where you part your hair. And like these everyday habits, you can change your speech to sound more confident, business-like and socially…
not in office

What NOT to wear at the office

One would think that the following information would be so common sense – however I have found that common sense ain’t always that common. So here are a few questions with answers to address this topic of what NOT to wear to the office...…