10 Cool Shopping Tips

Keep your objectives in mind to dodge the impulsive buys.
Know what you already have, what you intend to get, and know the specifications. The specifications? you may ask. If you don’t know them, you need to see us. These involve knowing exactly what suits your body shape and proportions, and your colouring – essential for smart shopping.

Set aside the time you need
A credit card and a lunch hour are usually insufficient for making a smart purchase. Leaving it to the last moment is like buying an umbrella on a wet day. Diarise the time needed.

Be awake, aware and alive!
Tuck away a bottle of mineral water – dehydration dulls the brain.

Ensure you do not have distracting and competing needs arising from hunger, tiredness or the demands of a friend or children.

Have a light meal before the excursion and wear comfortable shoes for the walking part.

Check out the store/s
Certain stores should set off warning bells almost immediately. They will usually be inadequately lit and have few or no mirrors until you get to the change room. It goes almost without saying that sales assistants have a target to meet and that you need to keep the purpose of your shopping excursion firmly in mind. Tell them what you are looking for, what you need it for and your (correct) size. If they don’t listen – then leave.

Know your budget
Our advice is always to go for the best quality you can afford at the time. A high quality, practical item which lasts and doesn’t date can be more cost-effective than one which seemed a bargain at the time but gets little wear over its short life span.

Questions to ask yourself if shopping for sales items
would I consider buying it if it were not on sale?
am I compromising quality, fit or appropriateness for price?
will I have to spend too much on alterations to make this fit?
will I be able to combine it with at least two other items I own?
Be realistic about weight gain and weight loss

If you are heavier than you would like to be, forget about buying too-small sizes that will fit once you ‘lose the weight’. You could be diverting your resources to a hope rather than benefiting in the immediate, practical present.

Put function before fashion
Avoid clothing which follows the latest fashion trend unless you have the means to renew your wardrobe frequently.

Dress for the shopping experience – or risk the ‘Pretty Woman’ encounter.
You will be given the service and respect your deserve when you step into a store looking well turned out.

Oh – and take with you…..

  • your colour direction reference swatch
  • the shoes you need for the outfit/s you intend to buy your wits!
  • … and wear your best supportive underwear.

On the other hand – you might simply prefer to call us and let us do all the thinking and planning for your best summer wardrobe yet. Call us if this appeals to you.