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The Art Of French Dressing

No – this is not an article on how to make French dressing for salads.  Perhaps the title of this article should be “The Art Of Dressing – French-style”.  But all that aside, I whole-heartedly agree with the ten tips that were offered for dressing ‘French-style’.  They’re listed below and as Chantal Blanchet, owner of Chantal B fashion store in Sydney says ..  “Consider yourself a work of art. The secret to exuding the charm and confidence of the French women is attitude; the clothes are just there to help.”

Top Ten Tips for Dressing French-Style

1. Dress well every day and buy one or two key items of the best quality you can afford each season. Go for classics such as a tailored jacket, a Breton boat-neck navy-and-white striped T-shirt, a classic shift, shirt dress or linen trousers.
2. Mix affordable fashion trends with investment pieces – a casual T-shirt with a classic trench is effortlessly French.
3. Invest in a few signature pieces of jewellery, such as a string of pearls or earrings, an oversized bangle or a cuff, to give your outfit a French edge.
4. Buy quality shoes; French women never wear cheap shoes. Every French wardrobe requires classic ballet flats.
5. Wear a beautiful (silk) scarf all year to make like a Parisian. Or tie one on your handbag.
6. Adopt a sense of dress-ups. French women are not afraid to be daring with clashing colours, accessories and vintage pieces (a la Vanessa Paradis pictured).
7. Embrace your age: French women see growing older as a privilege that means you can dress as you like.
8. Wear beautiful, comfortable underwear, always. French, naturally.
9. Organise your wardrobe efficiently and take photographs of different outfits that can be mixed and matched.
10. Good grooming is essential. Style your hair (try a Tautou up-do), always wear lipstick and take Coco Chanel’s lead and never leave the house without fragrance.
Well stated Chantal..bravo!

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(Article from smh by Natasha Silva-Jelly)