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How to apply lipstick to make it last

Second only to your eyes, your mouth is the central focus for communication.  Lipstick is all about directing attention to the face, and in business  – that’s where it should be.

Make-up in the business world has only two purposes:  to make you look healthier and more vibrant, and to accentuate your best features.  It is not about glamour or seduction.  It should be remembered that the context is business – after hours is your affair.

When make-up is well applied, it enhances a woman’s professional image considerably.  It says:  polished, well groomed,  and attention to detail.

Consistency is just as important.  Even if make-up is applied well, if a woman is inconsistent with its use on a day to day basis, it suggests that she is indifferent, frivolous, and unstable.

Choosing the correct colour

Lip colour is the finishing touch to your make-up and should compliment your skin tone – and the clothes you wear (assuming they are also the correct best colours for you).  If you are not sure, check in with a colour consultant to be sure.  The session could also rescue you from the eternal black syndrome.  If you are not in the habit of wearing lipstick, start with a more natural tone.

To get great looking lips, you need a lip pencil in a natural colour or similar shade to your lipstick and a lip brush to apply the colour.

The seven-step lipstick cure

Step 1: When applying your foundation, also apply over your lips, blot with a tissue and allow a moment to dry.

Step 2: Dust lightly with face powder

Step 3: Outline line your lips with the lip pencil starting with the cupids bow (the V in the centre top lip).

Step 4: Fill in entire lip area lightly with the lip pencil all over your lips before applying your lipstick.  It helps your lipstick last much longer.

Step 5: Work the lipstick colour into your lip brush and apply, avoiding the lip-liner.

Step 6: Blot off excess lip colour with a tissue. This helps to ‘hold’ the colour and prevent smearing.

Step 7: Re-apply lipstick to achieve a gloss finish if you prefer this look.

And for those who have very thin lips, outline your lips just outside the natural line with the lip pencil.  Use a brighter shade or a rich gloss to make lips appear fuller.

For those who wish to play down very full lips, pencil the lip-line just inside the natural lip line.  Avoid glosses and very bright colours, and blot off any extra sheen.

Voila – there you have it!

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