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The 7 Deadly Sins of Style

The Seven Deadly Sins of Work-Style

1. Hazardous Hair

Don’t jeopardise your chances of stepping into a better job by having hair that looks as if you have just climbed out of bed.  There are three types of hair:  chic (short, cleverly cut)  classic (simple cut, above shoulder-line), and “I’ve Got Hair” (shoulder-line and longer).  If you’ve got it – then tame those tresses by using simple unfussy hair accessories.  Forget towering overpowering hair,  nasty scrunchies and those huge hair clamps for work.  Out-of-control hair could well be shouting “out-of-control” YOU.

2. Excess Baggage

I call it ‘visual noise’ – anything that is loud, and over-done.
Clothes that speak louder than you do are clothes that could kill your chances for being taken seriously.   Don’t let them up-stage you – tone them down.
Too much make-up,  you look like a clown.  The world wants to see YOU, not make-up that obscures  you.  Keep makeup simple and natural for the workplace.  And if you are still applying your makeup the same way  you did at your senior formal – get an update now!
Too much jewellery is another example of excess baggage.  Who needs to look like the Reserve Bank!   It should be discreet, elegant and exude quality.
Too much colour.  Some women look as if a flock of parakeets just landed on their bodies.  Women do have many colours which are appropriate ‘neutrals’  in the work-place  ie navy, black, deep cherry, aubergine, camel, charcoal and mid and light grey etc.   Keep your outfits simple, find out what your best neutrals are for your suiting. Contrast them with one other colour to suit your complexion.
(Remember black does not suit everyone.)

3. Over-Exposure

In the corporate business world, bare arms, low necklines, bare legs, toe cleavage spells career suicide.  In other industries, the rules are more relaxed but still beware – do you really want people to focus on an area 9″ below your chin?   ‘Titty-tops’   and anything strappy or stringy gets the thumbs down.

4. Swingers

For those full-figures ‘Reubenesk” females, don’t go without a well fitted bra.  Be a knock-out, not ‘knocked-out!   Harness those ‘puppies’ by selecting the best support bras at one of the specialty lingerie boutiques who have staff to fit you properly.   When traffic hopping through a line of stationary cars just as the lights turn green, avoid managing the brief-bag, lunch-bag AND unwieldy anatomy.

5. Neglected Nails

Obvious nail polish that is chipped and cracked.  Yucko.  You professional image has just gone to the wall.   For business, a natural shade or plain polish on short, trimmed nails says, smart, professional,  efficient and organised.

6. Frowzy Fit

Clothes that are ill-fitting make you look immature, and ordinary.  And a panty-line showing though your clothing………….aaaaAAAAGH!  Your business clothes should fit comfortably and hang properly without stress lines, gaping pockets or open pleats.   Cut out the size tag and go up a size for comfort – then have a good tailor adjust your jacket and skirt where you need to.

7. Faulty Footwork

You will sabotage yourself if you wear cheap shoes, white shoes – regardless what you paid for them, and shoes that are ill-kept.  The term ‘down-at-heel’ says it all.    Put your best foot forward and wear a stylish elegant shoe with a mid-high heel.