We are all striving for that feeling of ‘Wellbeing’ – yes?

Yet why is this feeling of wellbeing so allusive for many?  We all want to feel we are on top of things and be happy and healthy.  Yet when that is not the case, the thought that life just keeps getting in the way is our backup excuse.

For those that are happy, comfortable, looking after their health and feel good in their soul – congratulations. That is what wellbeing is all about – being satisfied with life, experiencing a blissful state – nothing worthy of a mention that worries you.  I would really like to hear how you organised your life in such a way that have had you arrive at this significant state of being :-)

I am having longer moments in my life these days where this feeling of wellbeing is a reality.   

I guess I’m doing something right :-)

Yes … walking my 8000-10,000 steps a day (and I hear it helps ward off Alzheimer as one ages). I have feelings of immense gratitude for the things in my life that are very valuable to me ie my friends, my siblings, my partner, where I live in the world, the opportunities that come my way as a result of the relationships I have nurtured in my business, the love I feel coming from those I care about – I could go on.

But it wasn’t always that way.  There were moments where life felt that it couldn’t get any worse. I know many have been there too.  So, what does it take to dig out of that and start enjoying life again?  It takes a change of mindset to make a significant difference and that mindset turnaround can be bought on by a brick-wall moment – like “that’s it, no more, I’ve had enough of this”. Or it can be bought about by caring family and friends that show you that they care. 

For me, it was a series of personal development courses until I’d had enough of them to last a life-time yet, I had epiphanies that set me back on track.  One of them was to realise that my body had to be taken care of – that I was born with the body I had to support me through the challenges I would face, and also allow me to express my gifts to the world.  That might sound a bit Woo Woo to you – but it was my realisation that if I didn’t look after my body, I was never going to feel a sense of well-being.

When you feel well, you feel more powerful, in control and a sense of satisfaction and excitement for life.  It’s not attached to things – not to the amount of money you have saved or what you are worth, nor to the posh school you might have attended, or the type of car you drive. We will attach the important aspects of life linked to our value system that we judge ourselves and others by.  Some people will place their close connections with others above all else while someone else could place their career above all else. If you have the job you have always dreamed about – then your sense of wellbeing will be positively affected.

When you drill down to what ‘wellbeing’ is all about and the factors that may influence it (both internal and external) then we can develop a roadmap for ourselves to achieving, or maintaining it.

If you’re not ‘feeling it’ – here’s a short list of things that are worth looking at as possible inclusions into your daily living.

  • Engage in a new hobby or something that engages all your concentration and, when completed will give you a sense of pride and achievement. eg learn how to paint, get started on a huge jigsaw puzzle with a friend, learn how to fly (well, maybe….). But you know what I mean.
  • Get involved with a walking group or similar.  Enjoy tennis?  Pull out that old Prince racquet and start swinging :-D
  • Plan an ideal weekend away from everything and do whatever takes your fancy.  Read that book you’ve meant to get around to for ages; play golf if that is your thing; go dancing – whatever the weekend opportunities are – just embrace the time you have given to yourself.
  • You’ve got to eat well.  Cut the carbs, the sugars, fatty takeaways, and start on a healthy eating plan.  Your body will love you.
  • Get enough sleep – 8 hours is average so try to get at least 7-8 hours of rest.
  • Stay mindful to how you feel and what you are thinking at the time if feeling down.  Negative thoughts can creep in uninvited and before you know it, they have you thinking crazy things that are most improbable but you entertain them anyway.  Stop – take stock and change your thinking.

    Here’s to feeling on top of the world.  It really is about mindset and valuing the things that are often taken for granted.  It’s about being grateful for everything including what you have achieved and experienced (good or bad) because you are who you are as a result of all of it. 

    Go look in the mirror – and thank yourself for being the individual person you are. Because you are imperfectly perfect.

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